Monday, August 05, 2024

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14:00 – 21:00Exhibition Set-up
TBAGet-together event

Tuesday, August 06, 2024

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08:30 –10:00TRACK 1:
Registries in ophthalmology  

The prevalence and causes of visual impairment in Denmark. An epidemiological study based on public registers
Toke Bek, Denmark  

Finnish visual impairment register
Hannu Uusitalo, Finland  

Norwegian registry study on intravitreal treatment over the last ten years
Solheim Husum, Norway  

Swedish cataract register
Anders Behndig, Sweden
Clinical view of uveitis through the slit-lamp and beyond

Anterior Uveitis
Jennifer Thorne, USA  

Intermediate uveitis
Sanna Leinonen, Finland  

MS-associated uveitis and sarcoidosis-related uveitis 
Hanna-Mari Mäkelä and Elli Joukainen, Finland  

Posterior uveitis
Nida Sen, USA
10:00 –10:30Break / Exhibition / Posters
10:30 –11:15Keynote: Jennifer Thorne, USA
11:15 –13:00Break / Lunch / Exhibition
12:00-12:45 Lunch Symposiums
13:00 –14:30TRACK 1:
Traffic Medicine  

Interference with driving capacity – a view on visual input
Fiona Rowe, UK  

The role of vision-related problems in fatal road accidents in Finland
Juhani Kalsi, Finland  

Experiences from Sweden of the long road to a fair and appropriate legislation regarding visual abilities
Tomas Bro, Sweden  

The European Driving Test (EDT)
Øystein Kalsnes Jørstad, Norway  

Validation of the EDT: An evidence-based approach to the European visual field standards for driving
Thea Melsen Sudmann, Norway  

Driver’s health: Is it the eye or other diseases and health issues?
Timo Tervo, Finland
Hot topics in ocular oncology  

Changing patterns in diagnosis, referral, and management of uveal melanoma over the past three decades
Jørgen Krohn, Norway  

Metastatic disease of uveal melanoma.
Jens Kiilgaard, Denmark  

Maria Fili, Sweden  

The retinoblastoma gene and benign soft tissue tumors
Tero Kivelä, Finland  

How comprehensive ophthalmologists can distinguish choroidal naevi from melanomas using MOLES 
Bertil Damato, Malta  

Free papers in ocular oncology    
Young ophthalmologists Session 1: Glaucoma with an angle

Moderators: Sigurrós Jónsdóttir and Marie Krogh Nielsen

Gonioscopy made easy
Anne Willerslev, Denmark

Imaging of the angle
Anders Djupesland Bøhler, Norway

Narrow angle – CLE, iridotomy or nothing at all
Hammurabi Bartuma, Sweden

Angle closure
Daniella Bach-Holm, Denmark

Trabs and tubes – what else is there?
Michael Læssø, Denmark

14:30 – 15:00Break / Exhibition / Posters  
15:00 – 16:30TRACK 1:
Clinical view into inherited eye diseases in the Nordic countries  

Genetics in childhood-onset anterior segment diseases 
Line Kessel, Denmark  

Easily unrecognized genetic corneal diseases in the Nordic countries
Joni Turunen, Finland  

An overview of inherited retinal diseases in Sweden
Ulrika Kjellström, Sweden  

BEST1-mediated retinal dystrophy in the Norwegian population 
Josephine Prener, Norway  
Malignant eyelid tumors  

Eyelid basalioma
Niko Viskari, Finland  

What do you need to know about rare eyelid malignancies
Paula Niinimäki, Finland  

Surgical treatment of eyelid tumors
Marita Uusitalo, Finland  

Molecularly targeted agents in oculoplastic surgery
Richard Allen, UK  
Metabolic Retina

Subthreshold laser treatment in retinal diseases
Andrzej Grzybowski, Poland

Cost implications of the transition from laser to intravitreal injections in diabetic retinopathy
Goran Petrovski, Norway

Individualized screening for diabetic retinopathy with proliferative diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema as separate end points
Toke Bek, Denmark

AI-assisted screening for diabetic retinopathy – real-life outcomes
Nina Hautala, Finland

Wednesday, August 07, 2024

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08:30 –10:00TRACK 1:
Glaucoma diagnosis and non-surgical treatments  

Rho-kinas inhibitors
Andrew Tatham, UK  

Glaucoma diagnostics
Barbara Cvenkel, Slovenia  

Preservatives and generics – are we harming our patients?
Miriam Kolko, Denmark  

Free papers in glaucoma
Update on Central Serous Chorioretinopathy  

Mikael Larsen, Denmark  

Clinical impact of the worldwide shortage of verteporfin: What happened, and where are we heading?
Marc J. Sirks, Netherlands  

Evidence-based approach to the treatment of CSC
Andreas Vangsted, Lars Christian Boberg-Ans and Yousif Subhi, Denmark  

New guideline for the management of CSC
Helena M. A. Feenstra, Netherlands
Cell therapy and Stem Cell Research in Ophthalmology 
Stem cell therapy for AMD – the present and the future
Kapil Bharti, USA
Rejuvenation of geographic atrophy by stem cell-based RPE Therapy
Daniel Muth, Sweden
Modulation of pigmentation in RPE cells for future use in cell therapy
Goran Petrovski,  Norway
Human pluripotent stem cell-based therapies for corneal blindness
Heli Skottman, Finland
10:00 –10:30Break / Exhibition / Posters
10:30 –11:15Keynote: Richard Spaide, USA
11:15 –13:00Break / Lunch / Exhibition
12:00-12:45 Lunch Symposiums
13:00 –14:30TRACK 1: Glaucoma surgery  

Management of tube erosion
Juha Välimäki, Finland

Cataract and glaucoma, combined or sequential surgery Daniella Bach-Holm, Denmark  

Why not to operate glaucoma?
Tarek Shaarawy, Switzerland  

Surgery in normal-tension glaucoma
Niina Lindbohm, Finland
TRACK 2: Baltic Special

Surgical management of corneal infections – pitfalls and challenges,
Rimvydas Ašoklis, Lithuania
Cataract surgery and week zonules
Juris  Vanags, Latvia
Epiretinal membrane and it’s development via mRNA signal systems
Kuldar Kaljurand, Estonia
30 years of ocular oncology service in Estonia and  Baltic States
Artur Klett, Estonia
14:30 –15:00Break / Exhibition / Posters  
15:00 –16:30TRACK 1:
Retina surgery  

Sustainability in ocular surgery
Sjoerd Elferink, Netherlands  

Pseudophagic retinal detachments Years 1993-99 and 2019-22
Joona Wirkkala, Finland  

Gene therapy for hereditary eye diseases in Denmark Kristian Klemp, Denmark  

Free papers
Hot Topics in Age-Related Macular Degeneration  

Physical activity for geographic atrophy in AMD
Marie Krogh Nielsen, Denmark  

Can we trust the Amsler grid?
Jakob Bjerager, Denmark  

Evidence-based practice for intravitreal injections
Emilie TS Butler, Denmark  

Studies on intravitreal injection syringes
Morten C Moe, Norway  

New therapeutical options for the treatment of neovascular AMD Anna Stage Vergmann, Denmark
Young ophthalmologists Session 2:
Eye Pop – causes of an outstanding eye
Moderators: Niko Viskari, Rebecka Jernkrok

Oculoplastic emergencies – what you need when you are on call
Paula Niinimäki, Finland

Orbital inflammation – when is it idiopathic?
Cecilia Norin, Sweden

Thyroid eye disease – how to treat and when
Rannveig Linda Þórisdóttir, Iceland

Orbital tumors – what every ophthalmologist should know
Richard Allen, USA
19:00 –      CONGRESS DINNER  

Thursday, August 08, 2024

08:00 –     Registration
08:30 –10:00TRACK 1:
Anterior segment eye surgery in children
How to handle subluxated lenses in children
Symira Cholidiam, Norway

Bag-in-the-lens in children with cataract
Alf Nyström, Sweden

Corneal transplantation in children       
Kari Krootila, Finland

Paediatric cataracts and secondary glaucoma: Life-long risk and the effect of glucocorticoids
Diana Chabané Schmidt, Denmark

Corneal surgery  

DSAEK or DMEK for Fuchs endothelial keratoplasty – a prospective randomized study
Morten Molbech Madsen,Denmark

Anterior lamellar keratoplasty – What to do when?
Marios Panagiotopoulos, Sweden

Peripheral hypertrophic subepithelial corneal degeneration versus Salzmann’s nodular degeneration. Etiology and treatment.
Sanna Mörtenhumer, Finland

Changing patterns in keratoconus treatment
Olav Kristianslund, Norway

Young ophthalmologists Session 3:
What is in the blurry horizon of myopia?
Moderators: Henrik Bjøralt Roald, Elisabeth Romundstad

Detecting the child at risk
Katrin Stadler, Norway

Atropin eyedrops
Helgi Davíð Björnsson, Iceland

Ortho-K lenses
Trine Møldrup Jakobsen, Denmark

DIMS – glasses
Pia Ecker, Norway

Myopia – Guidelines at Oslo University Hospital
Erlend Landsend, Norway   
10:00 –10:30Break / Exhibition / Posters
11:15 –13:00Break / Lunch / Exhibition
12:00-12:45 Lunch Symposiums
13:00 –14:30TRACK 1:

Optic disc drusen
Steffen Hamann, Denmark

Idiopathic intracranial hypertension
Frank Träisk, Sweden 

Case report
Oona Martikainen, Finland

Case report
Juho Pekkarinen, Finland

How much genetics and parental myopia explain myopia
Juho Wedenoja, Finland  

Why myopia has not increased in Finland and in Nordic countries similarly as in some Asian Countries?
Niko Setälä, Finland  

Myopia prevention – what is the difference between a statistically and clinically significant benefit of different treatments
Olavi Pärssinen, Finland  

Atropine in Myopia control: update 2024
Andrzej Grzybowski, Poland

14:30 –15:00Break / Exhibition / Posters
15:00 –16:30TRACK 1:
Collaboration with EVER    

Neurobiological bases of discomfort and decreased tear production in glaucoma patients
Juana Gallar Martinez, Spain  

Ophthalmodynamometry and its clinical applications
Rebekka Heitmar, UK  

AI using our FOREVER dataset
Miriam Kolko, Denmark  

Diabetic retinopathy and AI in 2024: promises and hazards
Andrzej Grzybowski, Poland  
Free papers  
Young Ophthalmologists Course
Uveitis – what to test and when to test
Moderators: Elisabeth Romundstad, Marie Krogh Nielsen
Christos Christakopoulos, Denmark
Jon Roger Eidet, Norway